Anti wrinkle injections, fear of needles.

OK I’ll admit it, I have been a total wimp about getting treatments on myself!  A great opportunity presented to me a few weeks ago where I was handed samples of a new topical anaesthetic cream and asked to assess it’s effectiveness. 

botox-melbourneThe best way to do this I proposed was to try comparing our existing cream (cream 1) to the new cream (cream 2).  In order to do this I had cream 1 applied to the right half of my upper face and cream 2 applied to the left half of my upper face.  Having done this and judging that my entire upper face was feeling a bit numb I felt the best way to truely test it was to puncture the skin!  Then I figured if I was going to this extreme I should make good use of it so each puncture was to administer some Btox. Naturally this didn’t hurt a bit!  Very effective way to eliminate pain (even if it is pretty minor according to most reports). 

Pity it took my face about 6 hours to feel normal again…So now I have gorgeous wrinkle free skin on my forehead, no smile lines and no frown lines!  My question now is should we offer a pain free service for wimps like me for Btox, the same as we use for lip enhancement and facial fillers?

At the clinic we offer a procedure called a stitch lift, or thread lift,  which is helpful in reducing the depth of the nasolabial folds, jowls, and can help with the  neck area.  This procedure only requires local anaesthetic, and has minimal downtime.  The technique takes around 45 mins to an hour usually, and most patients return to nomal activites after 2-3 days.  The thread lift is appropriate for a client with sagging of the face, and it is not suitable for a client with a lot of loose skin and a turkey neck appearance.  It is also a great adjunct to your dermal fillers, and the combination of procedures results in a natural result, and avoids the more traditional and invasive operations. 

We all look after our face, with creams and anti-wrinkle injections that work a treat, however the neck is a real giveaway and shows the signs of ageing.  Neck packages are available to rehydrate with a choice of treatment like the regen procedure, or the hydrating injections and the anti wrinkle treatment has effect here to reduce the turkey neck.  It isn’t a facelift replacement that’s for sure, but it certainly helps slow down the ageing process for us.  Peels and depigmenting treatments can also be applied to complement the package.  If you want to know more give us a call, you can discuss the pack at length so it is tailored for you!

Well, wet it is extraordinarily humid and this makes us perspire much more than we want to let on, which is why we have so many clients lining up to have the sweating treatment performed.  This procedure works a treat. One of the surgeons has had it and is thrilled with his results.  Botulinum toxin is injected into the armpit area where the sweating is and takes up to 4 weeks take effect with a substantial reduction in the sweating.  The results last about 7 months.   If you need to know more, give us a call. For more info visit: