Eyebrow Tattoo and permanent make up in Melbourne

The creation of permanent eyebrows is best to conceptualize as more of a process than a single procedure. Building layer upon layer of color over a few visits allows an accurate assessment of color to be made in consideration of the skin’s response to the pigment. Using a hair-stroked, multi-depth approach creates the most seamless look which best integrates with the client’s natural brow.

eyebrow-tattoo-melbourneQuality, meticulousness, kindness, and patience make the difference between a positive and negative experience when making changes to one’s appearance, even if they are subtle. Aj addresses all procedures with a fundamental concern for the best aesthetic choice for the client’s particular features, and lifestyle. A highly-trained artist, she specializes in permanent cosmetics, and enjoys a penchant for naturalism and perfectionist detail.

A complimentary consultation allows you to explore different cosmetic options, view photographs of actual cosmetic tattooing procedures, and discuss color and shape choices for your particular features. It is a great opportunity to learn about the permanent cosmetics process in a patient, pressure-free environment.

About permanent makeup in general: It is best to remember that this is your FACE, and this is an ART, not a science. Ultimately, you are investing in the artist, the person performing cosmetic tattooing. Aj works closely with her clients to hear and see them, make good choices, be safe, and “paint” with her micropigmentation tools to the best of her artistic ability.

Please click on the side buttons to learn more about the most popular micropigmentation procedures and to see photographs of Aj’s actual cosmetic tattoo work: Permanent eyebrows, using the hairstroke eyebrow technique; Permanent Eyeliner; and Permanent Lip Color. 

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