July 22, 2024



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Good practice principles for clinicians 1. Clinicians need to receive training in empirically sound treatment models for improving outcomes in substanceabusing families. 2. Clinicians need to be provided with regular supervision. 3. Clinicians need to be provided with adequate time to provide intensive family-focused interventions. Good practice principles for treatment content 1. No single treatment is appropriate for all families. 2. Families need immediate access to treatment programs. 3. All treatments should include a thorough assessment of the family’s functioning across multiple domains. The family should be involved in assessing their needs and the design of services. 4. Effective programs attend to the multiple needs of the family, not just the parent’s use of drugs. 5. Treatment plans need to be continually assessed, monitored and modified to ensure that they are meeting the changing needs of each family. 6. Clinicians need to work actively with all systems that are impacting on families’ functioning. 7. Family engagement for an adequate period of time is critical to achieve and maintain change. 8. Clinicians need to work to develop a sound therapeutic alliance with each family. 9. Treatment programs need to be evaluated to determine whether they are achieving their aims and objectives.